School trip

Take a trip to GoMonkey and have a fun day of physical activity, challenges and cross-functional collaboration, which strengthens the relationships and dynamics of the class. We offer tree climbing and action challenges for everyone between 5 – 99 years of age. We have courses at both 1 meter height and 22 meter height, and everything in between, so there is something for all levels of difficulty, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber.

The day will start with thorough instruction of approx. 20 minutes during which you are instructed in harnesses, webs and carabiners, which ends with the instructor ensuring that all harnesses are tightened and fit as they should. After this, a practice course is carried out, so that we are sure that everyone is ready to climb the heights. After the instruction and the test track, there is free climbing in the park. After the climb, you are welcome to stay in the park and catch up on the day, eat packed lunches at our many tables and benches, or enjoy yourself by the fire.

There is also free access to our large trampoline net in the trees which we call “Bounce”. It is a stretched elastic net with high walls, so that everyone can safely swim around up to approx. 5 meters high.

The parks use the safety system called “continuous belay”, which means that you cannot click off the safety wire until you have finished the course and are down on the ground.

GoMonkey has good experience with large teams, so there is no maximum limit for how many you can book in!

The practicalities for your school trip.

When should we book?

You must be a school or institution from the public sector, with a team of at least 8 participants, in order to book our school and institution experience. Schools and institutions are often busy, and you often have the same anniversaries on the same dates. It’s first come, first served, so it’s just a matter of contacting us or booking. We experience having to report a full house every now and then, so the sooner you book in, the better, so you can be sure of getting the time you want.

When do we have to pay?

As a general rule, you must always pay in advance when booking, so that we can reserve your climbing equipment, call instructors and plan the day for you. If you pay via EAN, the invoice will be sent the same day as the booking is received.

For large groups, it can be agreed that the number will be counted on the day, and an invoice sent afterwards. Here we will always require a minimum participant requirement, for example min. 40 participants. For “small” teams 20-30 pcs. is there so much discount in advance that we will demand the full amount for the reserved climbing equipment.

If you are a whole school that wants to book in for a day, call or write to us and we will talk about the possibilities for a cool day for the whole school in one of our parks.

It is possible to combine it with O-races, team building, hire of indoor halls etc.

Also remember:

  • We recommend that everyone would rather bring a little too much clothing with them on the day than be left wanting in the park. Since you have to wear tight-fitting braces, we recommend tight-fitting sporty trousers. Footwear must protect toes and nails and fit well on the foot.
  • Remember to check the weather forecast before you come, so you have the best day without being surprised by the weather.
  • Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be styled in a way that allows you to wear a helmet. Neck scarves or anything around the neck that can get stuck are not allowed to be worn while climbing (religious headgear is excluded). We recommend removing earrings and rings before climbing.
  • We recommend the use of gloves. They can be purchased, but it is also allowed to bring your own.  they can be bought in the park for DKK 40 per person.

We look forward to seeing you for fun and educational days in the treetops!