Practical information

Click on a location below to learn more:
– We have a delicious cafe which serves drinks and a little light eating

– 15 min from KBH center
– 250 S right to the door
– We have Bounce
– We have free fall
– We have free parking
– There is a skating rink and open air for free use (Gladsaxe Stadium)

– We have a delicious cafe which serves drinks and a little light eating

– We are located right next to Ikea and Rosengårscentret
– The light rail goes right to the door
– We have Bounce
– We have free fall
– We have free parking

– Our toilets in Kolding Parken are just around the corner at the nearby gas station where we have an agreement with the tank (200 meters from check in!). We encourage you to have been to the toilet before.

– We have the opportunity to serve coffee and water

– Unfortunately we have no toilets in Søndermarken, so a really good idea to have been to the toilet before visiting. There are public toilets in the area.

– We have the opportunity to serve coffee and water
– It is not possible to store bags and valuables, so bring as little as possible

When you arrive at one of our parks, you’ll be greeted by one of our wonderful instructors. Help them by following these steps:
  • Please remember to announce your arrival no later than 20 minutes before your session start.
  • It’s a good idea to use the restrooms before your instruction begins.
  • It’s always recommendable to read our safety instructions one more time – it’ll help make your trip to the treetops that much more fun.
  • We highly recommend that you wear gloves while climbing – they can be purchased in all of our parks.

Online discount: To be eligible for our online discounts booking must be done online no later than 48 hours before session start.

Online bookings also provide you with a 15 % discount on all additional purchases for one of our experiences.

Walk-in: If you feel impulsive and wish to visit one of our parks within the next 48 hours, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

People who fall under the following categories are NOT allowed to use the climbing courses:
  • People under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication are not permitted to use the courses. People under the age of 5 and/or shorter than 110 cm tall. (In the Copenhagen park the minimum age is 7).
  • People who are pregnant or weigh more than 120 kilograms.
  • People who are epileptic or suffering from other conditions that prohibit them from driving a car.
  • People with heart- or lung conditions, respiratory illnesses, or bad back/neck issues are not permitted to use the courses.
  • Guests are not allowed to wear scarves or other clothing that covers the neck/throat while using the courses. (Religious headdresses are allowed as long as they fit snugly enough to not pose a risk of entanglement during climbing)
  • People deemed unfit to climb the courses by the instructors. In this case purchased entry tickets are not eligible for refunding.
Height requirements

There are different height requirements to be able to try out courses, to ensure that you are tall enough to reach the obstacles on the courses.

Green courses: 110 cm height requirement

Blue courses: 140 cm height requirement

Red courses: 160 cm height requirement

Our rules regarding parental supervision of children in the park:

IMPORTANT!! – Ensure that you pay sufficient attention to your children – especially when divided into smaller groups.

It is not possible to be present at two different climbing courses simultaneously, so please make sure to plan accordingly.

Children between 5 – 10 years 1 adult (participation necessary) per 2-3 children.

Children between 11 – 12 years 1 adult (participation may be necessary) per 6 children.

Children between 13 – 15 years 1 adult (participation not necessary) per 8 children.