GoMonkey´s Safety policy

At GoMonkey the safety of our guests is priority number one. All climbing sessions begin with a 20-minute introduction to proper handling of harnesses, which courses are best suited for you, what to do if you are in need of assistance etc. The introduction only ends when the instructor has checked that all harnesses are correctly and securely fitted to each guest.

At GoMonkey all of our instructors are fully educated climbing instructors. That makes them experts in the use of all of our gear, fall factors, rescue procedures and anything else that help your experience in our parks become as safe and fun as it can possibly be. We also want our instructors to have a positive and pedagogical approach to each guest, providing that little bit of extra time and help for everyone who may need it – even if it’s just a few encouraging words to help you cross an obstacle.

Secured guests

We have decided that all our parks use a “continuous belay”- safety system. This system makes it impossible to click your harness out of the safety wire before you have completed a climbing course. This provides an added level of comfort – especially for unexperienced climbers. Before being allowed to climb the courses in the park you also have to complete our training course. This is to allow guests to demonstrate their ability to use the safety systems of the park while still on the ground. That way everyone can be sure that you’ll be safe once you start climbing for real.